Episode 107: The Sound


This week we talk about Season 1, Episode 7 “Kiss and Tell.”


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Gilmore Girls: Complete Soundtrack, including (most of) the songs from this episode:

Songs that are in this podcast (appear or are referenced in Season 1, Episode 7 of Gilmore Girls):

Today’s Guest: John Esquivel

John is an all-around great human. He’s a record collector, show promoter and punk rock bowler. He’s also a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, who started as #teamdean, but explains why he may have lost interest… fast. He also used to host his own radio show, and makes a few suggestions for this week’s Spinning in Stars Hollow. John is pictured holding his copy of Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” (2002, Nonesuch).

Spinning in Stars Hollow

This week, John and I have added 4 songs to the season 1 Spinning In Stars Hollow playlist:

  • “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” by Wilco | Purchase music from Wilco
    • “I think Rory would have liked this album… Lane may have even had it hidden away somewhere.” —John
    • Season 1, Episode 4 features a song by Wilco.
  • “Kiss & Run” by Johnny Hartman | Buy music from Johnny Hartman
    • “That is exactly what Rory did in the episode…” —John
    • And, let’s not forget:

      BABETTE: So, Dean, you like jazz?
      DEAN: Sure, yeah.
      LORELAI: Oh, he sure does. That’s all we ever hear about, right? Jazz, jazz. Jazz, jazz, jazz.

  • “Awake” by Letters to Cleo | Buy music from Letters to Cleo
    • For those wondering what other female vocalists may have graced Dean’s CD collection (besides Liz Phair) I present: Letters to Cleo.
  • “Coax Me” by Sloan | Buy music from Sloan
    • If Dean liked The Sugarplastic, he was probably really good at bin-diving in used record stores and likely came across Canadian band Sloan.

Please, if you like what you hear, support these artists and buy their music.

The Gilmore Girls Soundtrack theme music was provided by Scott Holmes. A big, big thanks to Scott for sharing his great talent.

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