I’m Melissa Olson and I’m obsessed with Gilmore Girls.

There, I said it. I’m not ashamed. I embrace the things I love, as evidenced by actually beginning this blog.

It’s a new (seemingly more crowded each day) frontier. However, I hope you’ll join me, as I think my lens has a slightly different focus than my peers: the music of Stars Hollow.

I will explore the soundtrack of my obsession with intricate detail. From the music playing in the background, to the music that influenced the lives of the actors and the writers, I’ll do my best to be as accurate and thorough as possible.

Now… where did I put my coffee?

Season 1 of Gilmore Girls Soundtrack is now complete. Season 2 is in the research phase and will begin in mid 2017. Catch up here:

Listen to Gilmore Girls Soundtrack on Google Play

Listen to Gilmore Girls Soundtrack on iTunes

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