A Very Gilmore Girls Sick Day

(The title of this post sounds much more festive than I’ve felt for the last few days…)

I’ve been sick this week, and out of sheer inability to record in this state, I’m taking a week off. In lieu of a new episode of Gilmore Girls Soundtrack, I present to you my favorite episodes to re-watch on a sick day*:

“Rory’s Dance” S1 E09

S1 E09: Emily sincerely loves her daughter, in the best way she knows how.

Rory attends her first dance at Chilton. Emily comes to Stars Hollow to see Rory all dressed up, and stays to help take care of Lorelai who has thrown out her back.

Sick Day Pros: This episode is great for sick days because we get to see Emily take care of Lorelai while her back is hurting. It’s such a nice moment between mother and daughter, and we haven’t had the chance to see this kind of tenderness between them much so far. We also see Dean literally fight for Rory at the end of her dance… as well as the drama that follows after the evening goes much later than Rory planned.

Soundtrack Bonus: I love this episode for all the amazing music that I wish they would have played at my school dances—but more on that when that episode of the podcast comes out in a few weeks.

“Teach Me Tonight” S2 E19

S2 E19: Rory broke her arm when she and jess were in an accident after an ice cream run… I’ve just been dealing with a several-day migraine.

Lorelai is tasked with picking the film for the annual Movie in the Square night after mocking Taylor for choosing The Yearling… again. Rory tutors Jess at Luke’s. Bonus: Kirk’s short film premieres at Movie Night.

Sick Day Pros: I always like watching this episode while I’m sick is because of the scene seen here—Rory is feeling bad (both physically and emotionally) and her mom takes care of her. Even though I don’t live with my mom anymore, I still do a lot of the same things that she used to do for me when I get sick: I order-in soup, drink lots of tea and watch old movies (Pollyanna and the original Parent Trap—I’m a big Haley Mills fan) as well as, obviously, re-runs of my favorite show (Gilmore Girls, in case that was unclear).

LORELAI: Okay, you’ve got your TV, you’ve got your books, your magazines, your refreshments, you have your CD player, your assorted CDs. Stan Freberg, Ash, you have your Sinead O’Connor – because when life really gets you down, Sinead’s really the one to teach you some perspective. You have a pad of paper in case you decide to write the great American novel. And over here you have a tiny but annoying bell in case there’s something here that you need but you don’t have and you want to summon the common but lovely house wench who will promptly leave her talking mice and come to fetch the Contessa whatever she may require.

Soundtrack Bonus: The song played in Kirk’s film is “White Lines (Don’t Do It)” by Melle Mel & Grandmaster Flash

“Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving” S3 E09

S3 E09: “About a half-hour ago they set the lawn on fire. But Phil says it’s okay and everything ’cause it’ll grow back twice as lush. Though that’s what he said when he broke my salad bowl that I brought back from Belgium. That’ll maybe grow back too, huh? Phil is a riot.” Sookie St. James (after who knows how many Margaritas)

Lorelai & Rory agree to attend FOUR Thanksgiving dinners in one day… and they don’t want to skip the rolls.

Sick Day Pros: Everyone has a story of how their family holiday get-together didn’t go as planned—think of those memories but remember the parts that make you laugh—this episode is that but times 1,000. Highlights include: Sookie getting wasted as Jackson deep fries everything (seemingly including the yard), Kirk gets a cat he also names Kirk (hilarity ensues, obviously).

Soundtrack Bonus: The song that plays when Dave kisses Lane is David Bowie’s “Man Who Sold the World.”

“The Festival of Living Art” S4E07

S4 E07: Rory as the original painting Portrait of a Young Girl Named Anthea and Lorelai reprising her role as the Renoir girl. 

Stars Hollow hosts the annual Festival of Living Pictures after Woodbury was flooded (much to the delight of Taylor) the whole town participates to ensure perfect performances and ABSOLUTELY NO FLINCHING.

Sick Day Pros: The full-on-crazy of Stars Hollow is shining bright in this episode, with all our favorite minor characters playing a part: Miss Patty as stage manager, Joe (the pizza delivery guy, played by Brian Berke) as James, son of Alpheus in The Last Supper, Andrew (owner of Stars Hollow Books, played by Mike Gandolfi) as The Reaper and many more, as well as Lorelai and Rory staring in their own major artworks. It’s nearly enough to make you feel like starting the hours of paperwork to get a festival like this going in your own town (or city, hamlet or other municipality). I mean, you’re sick, so you have some time to do this research on your phone while you continue binging Gilmore Girls.

Soundtrack Bonus: The town troubadour (played by Grant Lee Phillips) gets cast as the role of Judas in The Last Supper, and gets scrappy with Kirk, who gets pretty pious in his role of Jesus.

“Last Week Fights, This Week Tights” S4 E21

S4 E21: Luke saw her face… and began showing her he was in… all in.

Luke’s sister Liz is getting married in a Renaissance themed wedding in the Stars Hollow Square. In the previous episode Luke makes a proposition Lorelai can’t refuse: “Take a break with me. Come to the wedding… It should be fun. There’ll be turkey legs.”

Sick Day Pros: This is likely one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls… how could it not be when my #1 couple from the show is Lorelai & Luke—regardless of all the turmoil before and after this episode—they are just too perfect for one another. T.J. (played by Michael DeLuise) is just bonus laughter in this episode, and hearing him wax poetic about his tights is completely entertaining, no matter how recently you’ve taken cold medicine.

Soundtrack Bonus: When Lorelai & Luke dance at the wedding, the song they dance to is “Reflecting Light” by Sam Phillips, who contributes all the La La La’s and Ba Ba Ba’s for the shows base soundtrack elements.

“The Perfect Dress” S6 E11

S6 E11: “Oh, my god! It started snowing. It started snowing right as I started talking about signs. That, my friend, is a sign.”

Lorelai gathers up what she needs to finish planning her DIY/inexpensive (and I’m sure absolutely adorable) wedding. But she’s sure something isn’t right—even after the snow.

Sick Day Pros: Sick days are perfect for binge watching guilty-pleasure wedding-themed shows—examples: Say Yes to the Dress, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, etc.—it’s great television to guarantee falling asleep and having happy, tulle-and-jordan-almond-filled dreams. Most of the time, however, this episode of Gilmore Girls graces my television far before any of that other wedding-themed entertainment.

Rory plans to return to Yale and must see the school psychologist. She laments about Logan, realizing she may have to give up coffee… as a migraine sufferer, I can relate to her sob-filled reaction to this realization—this is always one of the first things I realize when a migraine sets in—it will be at least 5 days until I can have coffee again. I totally feel Rory on this one.


Soundtrack Bonus: On a belated 21st birthday celebration trip to Atlantic City, Lorelai & Rory were unsuccessful in seeing the real Paul Anka—the billboard was old.

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: I definitely do NOT need the excuse of a sick day to re-watch Gilmore Girls, because I almost always have several Netflix bookmarks to choose from throughout the series. Considering it is rare for me to bounce around, these selections are usually just starting points. I allow Netflix to auto play from there. It was more common for bouncing around when I had to pop in my DVD collection, as I had to get up anyway. Thank you, Netflix, for making sick day binging so much easier.

If you’ve been sick this week, here’s hoping you’re feeling better soon. If not, go ahead and bookmark this page for your next sick day… Or go ahead and buy used copies of every Haley Mills movie you can find. Either way, I hope you have happy tulle-and-Gilmore-Girls-filled dreams.

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