Episode 104: Back To Haunt Us

This week we talk about Season 1, Episode 4 “The Deer Hunters.”

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Gilmore Girls: Complete Soundtrack, including (most of) the songs from this episode:

Songs that are in this podcast (appear or are referenced in Season 1, Episode 4 of Gilmore Girls):

  • “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath | Purchase music from Black Sabbath
    • Drella plays this song on the harp at the Independence Inn, and Lorelai reminds her: “No Black Sabbath, no Steely Dan, no Boston and no Queen.”
  • B-52’s
    • This band is referenced when Lorelai is at the Parent-Teacher conference:
      MAX: So are you a B-52’s girl?
      LORELAI: What? No, I’m a klutz girl who should not drive with a coffee in her hand. I, uh, had it in the car.
  • “My Darling” by Wilco | Purchase music from Wilco
    • Plays as the evening of studying turns into a sequence of Lorelai falling asleep and is covered with a blanket by Rory. When Lorelai wakes up in the middle of the night to find Rory asleep in the kitchen on a pile of books and covers her with a blanket and falls back asleep at the kitchen table.
    • This is especially interesting choice, since the first lyrics of the song are “Go back to sleep now, my darling”
  • “Wendy” composed by Wesley Yang & Gavin McNett
    • This song is not on Spotify and isn’t available to purchase as commercial music as it appears to be a made for use in film/television.
    • If you have any further information about this song, please let me know!
  • Pat Benatar
    • Referenced when Drella is protesting the music she is still required to play:
      DRELLA: Hey what do you think about Pat Benatar?
      LORELAI: Great idea, can she play the harp?

Today’s Guest: Kristin Tripi

Kristin is a reader. She even makes Rory look like an amateur when it comes to love of literature. Kristin is also an English teacher and her knowledge of Shakespeare helps us draw a connection between his sonnets and music.  Kristin is a big fan of Gilmore Girls who has read many of the books on the Gilmore Girls Reading List.

Name that Sonnet

Fun fact: Paris recites the first two quatrains of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 to intimidate Rory. She leaves off the third quatrain and final couplet to replace it with the jab: “you’re going down.” A clip of this recitation can be heard in episode 104 of Gilmore Girls Soundtrack.

Spinning in Stars Hollow

This week, I’ve added 4 songs to the season 1 Spinning In Stars Hollow playlist:

Please, if you like what you hear, support these artists and buy their music.

The Gilmore Girls Soundtrack theme music was provided by Scott Holmes. A big, big thanks to Scott for sharing his great talent.

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