Episode 106: Happy Birthday

This week we talk about Season 1, Episode 6 “Rory’s Birthday Parties.”


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Gilmore Girls: Complete Soundtrack, including (most of) the songs from this episode:

Songs that are in this podcast (appear or are referenced in Season 1, Episode 6 of Gilmore Girls):

  • “Happy Birthday” by Altered Images | Purchase music from Altered Images
    • Tristin shows Rory the invitation that everyone in the class received to her 16th birthday party.
  • “This Old House” by The Brian Setzer Orchestra | Purchase music from The Brian Setzer Orchestra
    • This is the first song we hear at the Gilmore home in Stars Hollow during Rory’s second 16th birthday celebration.
  • “Why Does It Always Rain On Me” by Travis | Purchase music from Travis
    • We hear this at the Gilmore home during Rory’s Stars Hollow party.
  •  “The Lathe of Heaven” by Scott Abels, Aaron Owens, Matthew W. Parker, David Fuentes, Brian Dixon
    • Still not able to find solid confirmation for this song, but it is an instrumental track playing while Lorelai delivers a drink to her dad while he checks out the integrity of the fireplace at Rory’s Stars Hollow birthday party.
    • This song is not on Spotify and isn’t available to purchase as commercial music as it appears to be a made for use in film/television.
    • If you have any further information about this song, please let me know!
  • “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong | Purchase music from Louis Armstrong
    • Plays while different Stars Hollow friends share stories of Rory as a child and continues in the background as Emily wanders into Lorelai’s room trying to learn more about her daughter and granddaughter.

Today’s Guest: Joe Zappa

Joe is an artist, music lover and an everyday comedian. He is a huge fan of all things Stars Hollow, and easily finds parallels between his life and the many characters of Gilmore Girls.  Joe is pictured holding my copy of Blur’s 12″ single “Coffee + TV” (1999, UK, FOOD).

Spinning in Stars Hollow

This week, I’ve added 3 songs to the season 1 Spinning In Stars Hollow playlist:

  • “Moving On” by James | Buy music from James
    • Rising to popularity on college alternative radio in the early 90’s, James has since reunited in 2007, making new music and touring.
    • This song was released in 2014 on the first album for the band in 7 years.
    • Video by BAFTA winning animator Ainslie Henderson:
  • “Tell Me” by Wesley Bright | Buy music from Wesley Bright
    • For fans of The Brian Setzer Orchestra, the Hi-lites will make you want to dance.
  • “Coffee & TV” by Blur | Buy music from Blur
    • This song is suggested for fans of Travis and/or Altered Images.
    • It becomes clear over the course of the series that Lane is a huge Blur fan, but this song never makes the soundtrack. It seems like a missed opportunity to me—the title is basically a description of the makeup of a Gilmore Girl: “90% water, 10% caffeine…” and a huge dose of pop-culture references, many related to TV.

Please, if you like what you hear, support these artists and buy their music.

The Gilmore Girls Soundtrack theme music was provided by Scott Holmes. A big, big thanks to Scott for sharing his great talent.


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