Episode 115: One for the Road

This week we talk about Season 1, Episode 15 “Christopher Returns.”


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Gilmore Girls: Complete Soundtrack:

Songs that are in this podcast (appear or are referenced in Season 1, Episode 15 of Gilmore Girls):

  • Chuck Berry
    • Richard remembers Chuck Berry much differently than Lorelai.
  • You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
    • Christopher and Lorelai sang “Suppertime” when they were 10, and Emily can’t forget such a great production.
  • “Need To Be Next To You” by Leigh Nash | Purchase music from Leigh Nash
    • This song is not on the Netflix version of the show, nor the Season 1 DVD version, but the song appears on multiple lists of music from the show, so I must assume it was used in the original broadcast episode.
    • A cover version of this song is on the Spotify playlist, here’s the video:
  • The Offspring
    • Christopher’s favorite band.
  • Metallica
    • A better alternative to The Offspring, according to Lorelai.

Today’s Guests: Sydnie and Kristopher Barnette

Sydnie has been on the show twice already (Episode 102 & Episode 112). The first time was because she is a good sport and, conveniently, she was my roommate. I say was because she just headed out to Oregon with her dad at the beginning of this week. Her family moved there last year and she decided it was time for her to join them on the West coast.

It occurred to me that this episode is when we really meet Rory’s dad, Christopher, for the first time and it seemed like a perfect reason to have a father and daughter on as guests. This interview is a little different (and a little longer) than the usual formula, but still packed with music, and from the perspective of a father and daughter.

Also heard during this segment is The Shaggs song “My Pal Foot Foot,” which inspired their father-daughter tattoos.

Kristopher is pictured holding my copy of the self-titled album by The Blow (2013, Kanine Records), and Sydnie is holding my copy of the Akron Compilation (1978, Stiff Records).

Spinning in Stars Hollow

This week I’ve added 3 songs to the season 1 Spinning In Stars Hollow playlist, taking a cue from the troubadour:
  • “Slide” by The Waitresses  | Purchase music from The Waitresses
    • This is Sydnie’s suggestion, based on the fact that her dad brought her up to appreciate the local music scene in Akron, Ohio.
    • This song is not available on Spotify, but neither are many of the songs featured on this compilation…
  • “Like Girls” by The BlowBuy music from The Blow
    • This is Kris’s suggestion, a band he remembers listening to with Sydnie when she was younger, having sing-alongs with the whole family.
  • “Daydream Believer” by The Monkees | Purchase music from The Monkees
    • The Monkees are referenced several times throughout Gilmore Girls.
    • This song was something my dad played for me a lot when I was a kid, and I still love The Monkees today.

Please, if you like what you hear, support these artists and buy their music.

The Gilmore Girls Soundtrack theme music was provided by Scott Holmes. A big, big thanks to Scott for sharing his great talent.

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