Am I crying or laughing?

Coffee, please, and a shot of cynicism. (S1E16)

There’s been so much news since my last post: a musical number about the history of Stars Hollow, a trinket alluding to The Life and Death Brigade, and a full feature about Gilmore Girls: Seasons in Entertainment Weekly.

How am I supposed to keep up on Gilmore news when I’m busy working on analysis of the old seasons? Well, I’ve decided to not worry about covering the news on Seasons… everyone else has that covered. I may mention things here from time to time, but I’m glad to leave that business up to the folks at Bustle and EW (among so many others).

I have a confession: I am so close to posting the very first episode of the podcast, but I’m so nervous. I know I shouldn’t be—most of you are diehard fans, and I’m not talking Hans Gruber.

I’ve had my Blue Yeti microphone for almost 3 weeks, and I still don’t have a complete episode for you. I’m hoping to have something before this thing is a month old, meaning I have work to do this week.

When the podcast launches, I’ll begin posting my catalog of each season’s musical soundtrack, performances and references. I plan to update these catalogs as I receive feedback from other Gilmore fans and as I re-watch all the seasons (on DVD & Netflix) in preparation for recording the podcasts.

I already recorded (what will now be called) my unaired pilot to get feedback from some people who really know podcasting, Gilmore Girls and/or music. Among my test audience: the editorial curator at my day job, a magazine journalism student, my roommate, someone who hasn’t seen the show and a huge Gilmore fan who works in the music industry. While the feedback I received was mostly positive, I have progress to make before I will be happy enough with the product to release it to all of you.

That is to say, I’m unsure exactly how I’m feeling about the podcast because this is a bigger undertaking than I thought even in my previous post. Once again, Sookie sums up my feelings quite well:


I don’t want this project to feel stressful or in any way overwhelming. It was begun as a way for me to collect all the things I was already doing into one easy-to-consume database. I was already making playlists, annotating episode transcripts and talking about Gilmore Girls on a daily basis. It’s supposed to be fun.

So, please, bear with me while I figure out what exactly this project will look like as I fit it into my routine. I know I want the episodes to be weekly, and that’s a big commitment.

Thank you for being here already, and thank you for sticking around. I can’t wait to talk about all things Gilmore with you and hear your insight on the music featured in this amazing piece of television history.

Here’s to getting back to laughing… possibly even crying because I’m laughing so hard.

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